It is guaranteed to clean your clothes and fabrics! It also gives your clothes that long-lasting scent.

✅ For Handwash and Washing Machine Laundry Wash
✅ Its formula is safe and environmentally friendly

Available in:

🌸 Premium Floral Fresh
🍋 Premium Lemon Fresh
🧺 Ultra Original Scent

🌸 Its power that makes your fabric clean and smells fresh will amaze you! It also has an active power whitener.

☀️ Make your cloth soft and smell like sun fresh.

🌸 Enjoy the long-lasting softness on your fabric together with the long-lasting blossom fresh scent!

✨ Make your home smell fresh and safer for your family ✨
What it does:
✅ Freshen your linens, beddings & towels
✅ Provides a long-lasting passionate scent.

Washing plates becomes easy as 1,2,3.
It removes oil, dirt, and especially germs in just one wash.
✨ Easy to wash, easy to rinse. ✨

🍋 It kills germs and viruses but it is made to be gentle on your skin.

✅ Non-Flammable
✅ Non-Corrosive
✅ Super effective on motor chains, engines, and other mechanical instruments.
✅ Can also be used in cleaning: Car park areas, tiles, vinyl, linoleum, walls, carpeted floors, in-home, offices.

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