About Us

Tomm and Thea Manufacturing Corp. (TTMC) was established in January 2010 as an answer to the increasing demand for high-quality specialized cleaning products.


A brainchild of Rowena Parpan, a housewife and successful businesswoman, TTMC slowly broke into the industry through the release of its initial product, detergent powder. Despite its newness, the product rapidly gained a loyal following. Small to medium businesses, as well as several laundry shops and hotel chains found themselves favoring the powder over the usual products available in the market due to its efficiency.


In the years that followed, TTMC delved deeper into the production of other household products, including but not limited to; dishwashing liquid, liquid anti-bacterial hand soap, fabric conditioner, finishing spray and also degreasers.


True to their commitment to uplift the lives of the people they work with, TTMC also began offering the product customization. Through tailoring products to fit particular specifications, the company was able to support budding entrepreneurs who were motivated to begin empires of their own.


Today, TTMC continues to up their game with continuous research and innovation. The company aims to soon venture into the commercial market and also expand its product line to include to beauty and personal care products.

At Tomm and Thea Manufacturing Corp. (TTMC), we believe and commit:


To be the market leader in cleaning products for household and industrial setup, and the preferred manufacturer of high-quality beauty products and perfumery.

To provide sustainable livelihood to the people whose lives we affect.


To manufacture excellent quality and innovative products, provide unparalleled customer service and develop a close and productive relationship with our business partners.


To become a world-class manufacturing company renowned for providing cost-effective solutions to our customers.